Player Profile: Tim Venske

Tim Venske joined the Discover Tennis program two years ago with the goal in mind of making it onto the Yukon High School varsity tennis team. From day 1, Tim showed a phenomenal work ethic that helped him grow quickly and inspired those on court with him to put forth the best effort of their own; it even lead to Craig Starke coining the phrase “give me a Venske” when motivating other players to give 110%! After developing a strong all-court game and confidence in his own abilities, Tim has become the programs most avid high school competitor, playing in 5 tournaments this summer and gaining the experience he needed to take his game to the next level. With his hard work and dedication, Tim earned the Discover Tennis Cup, awarded to the player who put the most time into tennis during the summer, but his success certainly doesn’t end there. Tim has surpassed his goal of making varsity this year, by jumping all the way from 9th on the team to 2nd! Learning to play with intelligence and patience, as well as resetting after a lost point, have been Tim’s biggest steps forward and it shows in his new position on the Yukon team. His new goals are to make it to the OSSAA State Tournament as a singles player and to pursue a Division-II tennis scholarship, and with his junior and senior season ahead of him, we look forward to helping him to have success in these new endeavors.