Welcome to Craig Starke’s
Discover Tennis!

Craig Starke and his friendly staff of tennis professionals have been providing high-quality tennis instruction at affordable prices for more than 27 years! Come discover why thousands of students have come to us to learn to play tennis — “the sport for a lifetime.”

Our philosophy at Discover Tennis is to create a positive and fun learning experience for tennis players of any age or ability level.

Here’s what some of our customers are saying about the program:

“Coach Starke not only has the experience, expertise and knowledge, he has the unique ability to get players to make themselves better.  The players work hard and enjoy themselves at the same time.  The time that Savannah spent with Coach Starke was invaluable and is part of the reason that she placed no. 2 at State as a freshman.  Thank you Coach Starke.”

— Mark and Jennifer Skiles,  parents of a current student

“Discover Tennis has been such a large part of my son’s life.  We started with Craig Starke when Hugo was 8, and at 15 he is still enjoying not only the sport, but the encouraging, positive style of coaching that Coach Starke provides.  Coach Starke has a way of bringing out the best in his players in both onthe court and when communicating with each other.  He encourages them to always push their limits while still keeping the supportive, fun energy that surrounds his classes.”

— Kim Williams, Adult student and mother of a current student

“We are very pleased with the instruction our children receive at Discover Tennis OKC.  Coach Starke has been an excellent mentor for our children.  He provides individualized attention to help our kids improve their tennis skills with each practice session.  I would recommend Coach Starke’s program to tennis players of all levels.”

— Peter Megna, Father of 3 students